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image gallery as foro. into category function.
It is possible to create a pluging. which allows me to have a gallery of images within the categories. For example I was thinking of making a category within the forum. and instead of putting post. put pictures When you open the image below it you can comment. Then each category can be collapsible when you click. example in a category would put plants. and all the photos of the plants that I put inside her would be sorted by boxes. that by clicking they enter that same image and you can post a comment below it. In the category below example I could put. bees and all the pictures of bees that I find there. and that it works the same way the previous one works. I attached an image of the idea that I have for an image gallery to be able to insert it as if they were forums. If someone knows how to do it then I buy the pluging. Greetings.

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