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Ratings not Displaying and Sorting Offline
Hello we love this product but we need some help. Rating photos is huge deal on my online community.  Two problems that frustrate our enjoyment of this feature:

1) The rating feature itself works very well. I am however not able to get the ratings to show up in thumbnail views of the gallery pages. It just shows: Rating: 0 even though there is a rating attached to the image and data in the mybb_gallery tables for it. "Show Pictures Ratings" is enabled in the Configuration area, and each of the Galleries has the "Disable Image Ratings" unticked, so I am stumped.

This has apparently not always been the case - I found an old rating I made on a photo and five stars are showing under the thumbnail image for that photo (it's in MyGallery). I have not changed any settings relative to rankings since I installed ezGallery so I am at a loss on how to make these ratings show up.

2) The thumbnail sorting features are not working. I don't really care about any of them except the "Most Rated" one, assuming that will allow me to display rated photos before unrated ones.

Can you please help us sort these issues? Thanks again for the great product.
1. For ratings. Are you using multiple rating types feature or a single rating?

2. What page are you on in the gallery?
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Thank you again for your help.

1. We are using the default star ratings and a user can pick from 1 to 5 stars.

2. ezgallery.php?action=gallery and I have to correct myself - it's not saying "Rating: 0"; it's saying "Rating: None." The page with the actual photo (ezgallery.php?action=view&id=#) correctly shows that there is a rating of X number of stars.
Ok I see the category rating display issue

The sorting issue I am still not clear on.
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Never mind see the sorting issue too.
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Also to me the ratings working perfect but not appear in thumbnails
i use multiple rating types (4 categories)

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