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Next Image Link Skipping Photos
We have not be able to ascertain whether this problem is widespread, but one of our users noted that "previous image" and "next image" were skipping two photos consistently in our gallery category 539. Slideshow does not skip them.

Here is a screen-cap  of the two images that are being skipped, not sure how much good it does you though.

And then here is the tabular data for this gallery (in Excel) in case that for some reason proves helpful. We could not see anything unusual about the images and they are from two different users.

When I look at the source code for the pages, it looks fine to me:

<a href="">Previous Image</a> | <a href="">Next Image</a>

The gallery is at least outwardly counting the correct number of images for this gallery (22).
Any custom sort orders applied in the category?
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Yes, "Most Rated" was applied to this particular one through the category "edit" interface. However, the custom sort orders do not appear to be working either (which is not something I need fixed asap - the user can sort on "Most Rated" themselves on an as-needed basis for now). Additionally, a user looking at another gallery that had no custom sort order reported the same problem. Unfortunately she did not record which one it was, so I cannot say for certain.

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