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Responsive Image Sizing - Option to Disable?
We recently went from ezGallery 5.5.1 to 5.5.5.

Since that upgrade, my users on PCs with ordinary displays are having trouble with the size of the images. We have our site set so that the site automatically resizes overlarge images to a max width of 1000 pixels, with no height restriction (setting a maximum height produces distortion for portrait-oriented images).

With the responsive image upgrade, the site now widens the image so much that it cannot be viewed in its entirety (the height dimension increases so much that only half the image can be seen at any one time - I've attached a sample screenshot). This only improves if you reduce the size of the window.

Additionally, because images are stretched to fit the window dimensions, they become somewhat blurry as they are stretched beyond their original dimensions.

Is there any way to make it so that we can disable the responsive image sizing?

Thanks as always for your help - we love the software and have many many people using it!

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Found this in another thread:

.gresponsive {
  width: 100%;
  height: auto;

I've got no problem with deleting that if that's all there is to it (although my guess is that this replaced some other css instruction re: image width, and if so, I'd need to replace rather than just delete). Just need a reminder on what file it's in.
That would be a quick fix. Till I add an option to turn off.
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Great - was there some other style dealing with image width before .gresponsive was added?

And what file is that style in?

I believe that was it.
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Hello! Just wondering where I can find the .gresponsive style code?

Thanks in advance!
in ezgallery.php in the root of your MyBB forum.
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