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Pre-order ezGallery Pro for MyBB
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We are now taking pre-orders for ezGallery Pro for MyBB
The more pre-orders received the faster the gallery system will be developed.

For more information visit.
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hello boss,

Any screenshots? Live Demo or features list? I won't pay for something I don't know. Big Grin
I haven't built it yet so far only one preorder have to see if there is enough demand for it.
Similar feature set to
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Is it included with EXIF Data feature?
EXIF support is included with it.
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Will there be a bulk upload feature? That is a must. I am interested
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I'm very interesting for pro version but I ask this question:
  • when I upload image where I redirect?
  • is there multiupload?
  • in user panel is differenziate image for category?
1. By default afterword it redirects to the user's uploaded images.
2. Yes there will be in pro
3. Not sure exactly what you are asking. There aer user galleries which support their own categories

Looking to get the pro version out in a couple months
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1. that's bad...because it's better to redirect on image upload or in category
2. that s so good!
3.if user panel, the user are see not all your image but where upload image, of course the category

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