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Rebuild Thumbnails
If you adjust the thumbnail settings in the gallery after images have been uploaded there is no way to refresh/rebuild the thumbnails of images already uploaded to the newly adjusted settings in the admin panel.
That will be in the pro edtion.
Has been added an now in the pro version.
This feature only rebuilds 25 thumbnails in a gallery category, and leaves the rest.

For reference, we have 12,000 odd images in some 130 user galleries. The largest such user gallery has 1,300 images in it.

MyBB has a thumbnail rebuild function that was able to successfully rebuild 2,000 attachments to posts. They have a clever automated page refresh method that incrementally converts a batch of thumbnails on each page refresh, which prevents browser/server timeouts.

This is not a critical function for us, it was easy enough to rebuild all the thumbnails using imagemagick command line tools, but I thought it worth flagging that this feature may not work as expected for everyone.
Fixed for the update.

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